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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Coating

Apr 11, 2019

1. What is car coating?

A car coating is an additional layer that is applied on top of a vehicle’s existing paintwork. The coat bonds to the surface of the paint and creates a permanent layer of protection.

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2. Why should I install coating on my car?

Car coating is a great investment that has several attractive benefits.

Firstly, coating can permanently safeguard your vehicle’s paintwork and body from deteriorating quickly as it penetrates deep into the applied surface and bonds with the paintwork. This creates an incredibly hard shield that protects your car against environmental and chemical damage and minor scuffs and abrasions.

Secondly, car coating enhances the colour depth of your vehicle and gives the car the ultimate gloss and “showroom shine”.

In addition, it reduces the need for frequent cleaning and washing of your vehicle as the coating prevents dirt, brake dust and road tar from adhering to the coated surfaces.


3. How is car coating installed?

Before any product is applied, the vehicle’s paintwork is first decontaminated and prepped to ensure the coating achieves a good bond to the paint.

A layer of coating is then applied using a lint-free foam applicator one panel at a time. After the entire surface has been coated, the coating is left on for a couple of minutes to volatilize. Any excess product is gently removed using a microfiber cloth and buffed to a high gloss.


4. Where can I apply coating?

Car coating can be applied on both the exterior and interior surfaces of your car. However, the type of coating used to coat the paintwork, wheels, glass, plastic trim and leather surfaces varies.

Our installers typically apply Hyper 3D Hybrid, Hyper Nano and Hyper Nano Plus on the car’s paintwork and our own range of nano coating products on the wheel, plastic trim, glass and leather surfaces.


5. What are the differences between Hyper 3D Hybrid, Hyper Nano, Hyper Nano+ and Hyper Restore?

Hyper 3D Hybrid is a semi-permanent glass-based polymer coating that forms a dense 3D-hybrid structure over the car body. This enables it to display optimal water repellency, protection and deep lustre. In addition, it is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients and can last between six to eight months.

Hyper Nano and Hyper Nano Plus are 9H ceramic coatings uniquely developed with the “Nanolink Network Structure” to absorb shock and prevent scratches and damage.

They are formulated with remarkable antifouling and protective benefits and add a deep, crystal clear gloss to the car’s surface.

Hyper Nano is a single formulation type that lasts between one to two years while Hyper Nano+ is a two-liquid mix that lasts between two to three years.

Hyper Restore is a coating restoring agent that is specially developed for use with Hyper Nano range. It helps recover the excellent properties of Hyper Nano and Hyper Nano+ that may have deteriorated due to aging or frequency of use.


6. How long does car coating last?

The longevity of your coating depends on the type of coating used and the environment that the car is driven and kept in. Typically, the coatings last longer for cars that are driven in urban environments and parked indoors.

Another factor which affects the longevity of car coatings is how well the coating is maintained after it has been applied.

We recommend the cars be brought back for maintenance every 6 months for a touch-up to reinforce its durability and enhance its hydrophobic properties.

7. Do coatings deplete over time? If so, why?

Think of car coating as a secondary layer of skin or a sacrificial layer of protection that is applied over your car’s paintwork. Car coatings will start to wear off after a period of time. Any contact with road debris and sharp objects will diminish some of the coating and make the paintwork more susceptible to damage. Contaminants that are not cleaned off promptly may also bond to the coating and affect its hydrophobic properties.


8. What are some tips on prolonging the lifespan of my car coating?



  • DO carry a lubricant and clean microfiber cloth to clean off any impurities that might have gotten onto the paintwork.
  • DO allow your coating to cure for 24 hours before exposing it to rain for best results.
  • DO avoid allowing your vehicle to air dry.



  • DO NOT wipe your car clean when it is dry.
  • DO NOT go for roller brush car washes to keep your car clean.
  • DO NOT apply coating over a previous wax or sealant layer.


9. Can I apply car coating over fresh paint?

No. For cars that have just been painted, you should allow the paint to completely cure for one month to enable all the solvents to dissipate from the paint.


10. Can I apply waxes and sealants over my car coating?

Yes. However, you should note that traditional waxes and sealants will not last as long as car coating is anti-adhesive. It will not allow the wax or sealant to adhere to the paintwork.


11. How do I remove car coating?

Any car coatings applied by Hyper Defender has to be removed professionally using specialized tools.

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