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Fight The Heat And High Energy Bills

Singapore’s temperature is rising twice as quickly as the rest of the world. It’s possible that the recent hot spells that Singaporeans have been experiencing aren’t merely passing fads. According to the Meteorological Service Singapore, the island is warming twice as quickly as the rest of the world, at 0.25 degrees Celsius every decade . […]

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The 101 on Solar Film

As Singapore faces the drastic effects of climate change – namely the rising temperature and thinner ozone layer, it has become increasingly important to protect one’s self against the harmful effects of the sun. Not only do the ultraviolet rays pose a serious threat to one’s health, the heat and glare from the sun can […]

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What is Car Coating?

There is a certain fixation among car owners about keeping their rides in “showroom condition”. This is completely understandable since cars are one of the most expensive investments a person makes in his lifetime. Just like how homeowners decorate their space to appear pleasing and inviting, car owners are just as inclined to ensure that […]

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