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Marine Services

Hyper Defender is your one-stop solution for comprehensive marine protection. Whether you intend to enhance the appearance and experience on your boat or protect it from damage and degradation, we are just a phone call away.

Paint Protection Film

Regardless of how careful you are in caring for your vessel, there are some factors that you cannot control. Exposure to damaging elements such as seawater UV radiation can lead to permanent wear and cause the appearance of your boat to deteriorate rapidly.

Maintain your boat’s pristine hull and value for longer with our custom installation services! Our installers ensure a customized fit for each and every vessel for a smooth and seamless look that will not bubble or warp over time.

Exterior Finishing and Full Colour Change

Transform your boats or yachts with our range of wraps for a fraction of the cost of a fancy spray job!

Our highly skilled team of installers can quickly and easily wrap your boat using a tough, self-adhesive vinyl that will not fade or cloud over like paint or a gel coat. It also makes the vessel easier to clean and repair.



Solar Film

Solar films can transform your boating or yachting experience, enhance the appearance of your vessel and protect your cherished vessel. Adding window tint to your vessels’ windows will bring you huge maintenance, safety, and comfort benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of having your marine vessel professionally tinted:

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