Hyper 21

Operating Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm Mon - Sat


Preserve that showroom shine and keep your car cleaner for much longer with our range of coating services and packages!

Hyper uses the best surface care and coating technology from Japan to give your vehicle a level of hydrophobicity, protection and deep gloss unlike any other.

Hyper Defender’s Coating Series

Hyper 3D Hybrid is a semi-permanent glass-based polymer coating that forms a dense 3D-hybrid structure over the car body. This enables it to display optimal water repellency, protection and deep lustre. In addition, it is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients and can last between six to eight months.

Hyper Nano and Hyper Nano Plus are 9H ceramic coatings uniquely developed with the “Nanolink Network Structure” to absorb shock and prevent scratches and damage.

They are formulated with remarkable antifouling and protective benefits and add a deep, crystal clear gloss to the car’s surface.

Hyper Nano is a single formulation type that lasts between one to two years while Hyper Nano+ is a two-liquid mix that lasts between two to three years.

Hyper Restore a coating restoring agent that is specially developed for use with Hyper Nano range. It helps recover the excellent properties of Hyper Nano and Hyper Nano+ that may have deteriorated due to aging or frequency of use.

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