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6 Benefits of Window Films You Won’t Want to Miss

May 12, 2019

Over the years, window tints have often been regarded as an aesthetic feature or a tool to enhance privacy. However, it also offers several other practical perks to consumers.

Whether it’s your home, office or car, window film provides a wide variety of benefits to your health, personal safety, privacy and energy conservation.

Today, we’re sharing 6 window film benefits that you can reap when you have your house or vehicle’s windows tinted.


1. Ultraviolet Protection. 

Glass, by itself, does little to filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, with window films installed, it can block 99 percent of UV rays.

Window films have been dyed with UV protectors, which absorb the solar energy that comes into contact with the surface. Hence, it provides protection to anyone from being exposed to harmful UV radiation that comes in through the windows.


2. Lowering the Cost of Energy.

Tinted windows can contribute to regulating the temperature in homes, buildings and vehicles. Especially in hot climates such as Singapore, window films can help reduce the sun’s heat.

With lesser need to switch on the air-con at full blast or lower temperatures comes lower electricity bills and fuel usage.


Say goodbye to frequent trips to the petrol kiosk and setting your air cons at full blast! | Photo by kaboompics .com


3. Safety and Security.

When windows shatter without warning, anyone standing too close is in danger of being cut by flying shrapnel.

Although window films cannot prevent glass from breaking, it can hold glass fragments together when the glass is broken. This prevents the shrapnel from flying and scattering upon impact in the event of a car accident or natural disasters.

It also makes it harder for intruders to break into your building through a broken window.


4. Glare Control.

When the sunlight becomes too glaring at certain times of the day, it can lead to discomfort, loss of concentration and even increase the risk of road accidents.


Excessive glare can also render some parts of the room or home unusable at different times of the day | Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Window film can help reduce excess glare. Depending on the visible light transmission, certain types of window tint can darken the windows to reduce the amount of light coming through.

This ensures better visibility when driving and eliminates the need to draw the curtains or blinds in the day.


5. Addressing the Needs of Privacy.

Many favour the look of floor-to-ceiling or solid glass windows in their homes and in buildings as it makes the space appear more open. It also allows the occupant to enjoy the full view outside of the building.

However, this also means that a person standing outside will also be able to see inside the building.

Window films enable you to enjoy the scenery outside of the building while ensuring a comfortable level of privacy.


6. Boosts Aesthetics and Branding.

Window films with decorative patterns are becoming more popular and growing in variety due to the demand for it.

There are some that resemble frosted glass or etched glass when applied to the glass windows. Certain patterns or logos can even be screen-printed into the film to accentuate a window or promote a company’s brand.


Source: Jayne Atkinson Homes


Besides enhancing the look of a building or home, they can also include other functions such as improving the privacy of a space or holding glass together.



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