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7 Amazing Benefits of Car Coating You Need To Know About

Apr 10, 2019

You may be thinking, is car coating really necessary? Doesn’t a car wax essentially achieve the same thing?

Car coatings such as ceramic and glass coating are the next step in the evolution of paint protection. They are now formulated with nano technology to offer a more comprehensive protection and lasting bond.

Car coatings also substantially offer more scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV protection and heat tolerance than wax or polymer sealants.

If you wish to know more about the basics of car coating, do give What is Car Coating a read!

In the meantime, here are 7 amazing benefits of car coating.


7 Amazing Benefits of Car Coating  


1. Protects against UV damage and oxidization

Is your paintwork fading or starting to look dull? That is likely the result of oxidation from constant exposure to the sun!

A layer (or layers) of car coating will go a long way in protecting the shine and colour of your car from the harsh UV rays, thus reducing the likelihood of your paint oxidizing.


2. Protects against chemical stains and etching

Exposure to acidic contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap and other chemical stains can also damage your car’s paint. Car coating creates a surface that repels chemicals and keeps it from adhering and bonding to the vehicle’s paintwork.


Animals can be such jerks sometimes (credit: giphy.com)


In short, car coatings safeguard vehicles from potentially damaging contaminants and makes it more resistant to staining and etching.

Note: Having your car coated does not completely exempt your car from staining or etching! Contaminants need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent stains and etch marks.


3. Hydrophobic

One of the biggest advantages of car coatings is its ability to repel water. A vehicle which has been coated will demonstrate a “water-sliding” and “water-beading” effect.

The hydrophobic nature of car coatings reduces the likelihood of water spotting and enhance visibility on roads during rainy weather.


4. Long-lasting

Unlike ordinary paint jobs or car waxes, which form a layer over the car body or paintwork, car coatings penetrate deep into the painted surface (including uneven ones!) and bonds permanently with the vehicle’s paint.

This means that a car that has been coated with ceramic or glass coating is much more durable than cars that have been waxed or has no protective layer over it.

To extend the durability of your car coating and maximize its protective benefits, it is recommended that you take your car to a reputable car workshop for a touch-up session.


5. Ease of cleaning

Uneven surfaces are a magnet for dust and dirt as there are small openings or pockets for these impurities to settle and sink into. As dirt collects, they can cause a car to lose its shine and degrade the vehicle’s appearance.

Car coatings that are formulated with nano-technology function at a molecular level to fuse deep into the vehicle’s paintwork to ensure an extremely smooth and even surface. This ensures that the dirt cannot adhere to any nook or cranny on the car body and reduces the need for frequent washing and cleaning.


Say goodbye to those weekly car washing sprees!


6. Cost-effective

It may seem like you are forking a huge sum at once for a car coating service.

However, if you multiply the number of times you go for a high quality wax by the amount that you pay per session, you will find that car coatings do save you quite a bit in the long run.


7. Enhances your car’s aesthetic

Car coatings enhance the shine of your vehicle, giving your car that deep gloss and sparkle often deemed “the showroom shine”. This is because a high quality car coating magnifies the reflective properties of your vehicle’s paintwork and intensifies the depth and clarity of your paint.


Shine bright like a diamond, as they say.


This will, in turn, increase the resale value of your car.




Due to their superior protection and long-term value, ceramic paint coating is the application of choice for car owners who want to keep their cars looking like new for years to come.

If you care about preserving the shine and aesthetic of your vehicle, car coatings are the ideal paint protection option!

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