Hyper’s window film is constructed with ultraviolet-stabilized, dyed polyester which blocks up to 99% of the ultraviolet energy that is harmful to humans, animals and damaging to fabrics and furnishings. It is estimated that ultraviolet is responsible for approximately 40-60% of fading. Solar heat and light energy are also contributing factors to fading as is humidity, moisture, wear & tear and the quality of some of the dyes used in the fabrics. Since these factors vary, the fade reduction benefit will also vary depending on the type of window film selected and the quality of the products being protected and the environment.

A trained installer will need to professionally fit window films to the inside of your existing windows. Professional installation will help ensure your satisfaction and provide you with the warranty protection you deserve.

Hyper window films provide numerous benefits including solar heat and ultraviolet rejection along with privacy (if required). Our films can easily be fitted to most existing glass which makes them less costly than replacing windows with tinted glass. They also help protect people from shards of broken glass in the event of accidental breakage.

Made with only the highest grade raw materials, Hyper window films are made to last for many years. The exact life of the film depends on the film type, the climate and the type of glass in which it is installed. Both Automotive and Architectural films can easily last 7 to 10 years, sometimes longer. The important thing to remember is that all of our films are backed by warranty. Speak with us more for warranty details as some restrictions may apply.

Our Films come in various shades, colours, and offer different performance characteristics. We can show you swatches of each film and talk to you about the performance benefits that best meet your needs.

To select the best Hyper films for your vehicle, we offer a wide range of technology. Products from an all-metal film to a metal-free or GPS friendly film. Appearance and performance characteristics vary from film to film. We can show you swatches of each film and talk to you about the performance benefits that best meet your needs.

By increasing the amount of solar heat that is reflected or absorbed by Hyper films, the transmission of solar heat, light, and ultraviolet rays through a panel of glass is reduced, simultaneously reducing glare. Reducing solar heat transmission offers a more comfortable interior space in a building of vehicle.

We offer an array of window films that are customisable based on individual needs through a process of understanding our customers’ needs and proposing suitable window film package. Our films are imported from renowned USA brands that are reasonably priced. Film packages are flexible and are compliant to the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s requirements.